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Hair follicles adapt to the recipient  skin well 10 days after transplantation and  start  to  survive where they are implanted. Of course, after this ten-day period, it is necessary to follow the post-operative care rules for 5 more days, ie the first 2 weeks, but it is difficult to damage the hair follicles after 10 days. However, if the transplanted or  recipient area of ​​scalp is hit somewhere; If the roots are forcibly removed manually and on purpose, the hair follicles would be damaged and bleed. There are also crusts that occur after hair transplantation. Our patients often ask my teacher, will these crusts hurt to my  transplanted  grafts ? These are blood clots that dry in the transplanting area and can form a thick layer. Before the first 2 weeks, nailing them or washing them with excessive pressure to clean them or plucking them forcibly may damage the transplanted hair follicles. It can cause grafts to come out and hair loss.

Washing is very important in the post-operative period: the transplanted area should be washed with fingertips very gently and almost without pressure in the first week. In the 2nd week, a little more pressure can be applied and the hair can be washed with a light massage.


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