Male type alopecia is a genetic case where androgen hormones are at normal levels. It can be genetically inherited either from mother or father. The age of onset, rate, severity and loss type cannot be predetermined. The hair loss increases with ageing. The hair loss in males usually begin in the adolescence, and the loss may continue until ages of 40-50. The male type hair loss, which is also called androgenetic alopecia, has a higher chance to occur if male relatives have a history with it.

The hair loss patterns introduced by Dr. Norwood in 1975 are still the most commonly used and demanded hair loss classification today. The loss of hair slowly starting on sides (temples) is followed by the thinning and loss on the vertex; in the end, a process of balding on whole vertex, top and frontal areas has been schematized.

Norwood Classification in Male Type Alopecia

Type of Shedding with Type A Variation in Norwood Classification

In Norwood Classification Type A Variation, on the other hand, the shedding in the vertex is lesser than the classical type shedding. Hair shedding moves towards back from the front, and there is no corona area consisting of thinned hair in the middle that is between the vertex and front area. This kind of shedding is rarer in the society.