In people with small chin structures or insufficiently sticking out chins, it is an operation, performed for taking the chin tip forward. Here, especially when looked from the profile, the purpose is especially having the forehead convex, nose, lips, and the chin in a harmony. Normally sticking out part of chin tip should be in line with lower lip. After some rhinoplasty operations, for having the nasal structure in harmony with facial structure, chin tip should be brought forward by a small procedure. This is required for a more attractive contour and a more proportional facial structure.

Some people in the society may be able to perceive small and backward chin structures as “weak and reserved personalities”, and this may cause a distress in social life. Thus, this type of profile operations should be seen as operations of psychological support and self-confidence, because it may affect the self-confidence and social relationships of the person directly.

How is the operation applied?

Prosthesis, in size and form (such as round, cornered) appropriate for the person, is placed to the front of chin tip bone structure by the cut performed under the chin or inside the mouth. Prosthesis cannot be noticed certainly by touching and by looking from outside. The period of the operation is about ½ – 1 hour. It can be applied under local anesthesia and sedation.

How is the post-operative period?

There might be swelling, mild pain, and bruising at the chin region. As dressing, a light bandage is used and is removed on 3rd day. Sutures are removed 5-7 days later. One week later one can return back to normal life.