For the men whose beard structure is weak or who have no beard at all, hair bulbs can be harvested by FUE method and used in order to restore the beard. In other words, the head hairs are transferred to the beard region.  There are no bruises during or after the operation but there might be a little swelling in the face. The beard and face can be washed for the first time 2 days after the procedure.

After the operation, there will be scab around the grafts in the site, which are the cheeks, where the beard transplantation has been performed. These scabs will slowly fall within 10 days by daily washes and the transplantation area will be cleaned. In other words, a 10-days-break will give you the time for you to get back to work.

Your transplanted beard may partially shed within the first 1 month after the procedure; and it takes 3-4 months for them to grow back. However, you should know that the ultimate result can only be achieved within 1 year. The most important principle of beard transplantation is to get a result that is natural and not visible to others. This is why a transplantation should be planned that is suitable for the own beard density of the person, and the transplantation should not be very dense or sparser than it should be. There will definitely not be any scars left in the cheek where the beard has been transplanted. The beard growing after the transplantation will be in a total harmony with the existing beard; and there should not be created different hair densities in different areas.  85-90% of the transplanted beard grow, which is different from hair transplantation.

For the hair follicles that are required to be harvested from a complete beardless man for whole beard, moustache and chin areas, approximately 3500-400 grafts might be needed.