Especially women who have a history of genetic type hair loss in their families may suffer from hair growth problems and hair losses due to birth control pills. The reason for this is the effect of androgenic hormones that are in the birth control pills. For this reason, if there is a genetic hair loss in the families of women using birth control pills and if thinning or loss of hair in themselves have also started, they should change to a control pill that has a lower androgen effect or choose a non-hormonal birth control pill. Any therapy/medication or treatment including birth control pills, which may change the hormonal balance of women, may trigger the hair loss in women. Birth control methods given below disturbs the hormonal balance and has an androgen effect, which triggers the hair loss:

Small progestin bars that are surgically planted under the skin and continuously slowly releasing hormone to the body come first. These are usually planted under the arm skin; they might have high androgenic effect and increase hair losses. Depo-progesterone injections that prevents the ovulation, such as Depo-Provera; progesterone releasing bands that are attached to the skin; and intravaginal apparatus that release progestin may also cause unwanted hair loss due to their androgen effects.