In the cases where the balding is big, such as Norwood 5-7, the number of hair bulbs in the nape may not be enough to close the whole open site. In this case, after creating a front hairline by using the person’s own hair bulbs in the first session, the hair bulb transfer can be performed from body hairs (chest hair, pubic hair, arms and legs etc.) and beard with FUE method. In this way, a densification can be applied on the hair or the open back sides can be closed. hair bulbs taken from the beard do not leave almost any scar but there might be some scars left, even if a little bit, in the chest area. The important point is to plan a hair transplantation by consulting to an experienced surgeon; and decide together on in how many sessions, how much area can be covered by harvesting how many grafts from which areas.

A realistic and satisfying hair transplantation cannot be performed by only using the body hair. In other words, a complete hair transplantation cannot be performed by only using the body hair because enough intensity and quality cannot be provided for large areas. The material to be preferred first in hair transplantation should always be the hair. Every type of hair in the body have their specific life cycle duration, thickness, flexion, color, fineness etc. differences. Body hairs shed in a shorter time than head hair do. The structure that is the closest to hairs in the head scalp in terms of thickness and life cycle is of the facial hair. When body hairs are transplanted in the head scalp, they might grow in a similar way to the original hair of the person by changing their cycle periods and structural characteristics a little bit, in other words, by imitating them.