It is a correction operation, applied in sagging and fattening, which occur at upper sections of the arms, at the region extending from armpit to elbow, dependent on aging, gravity, and weight gain and loss. The purpose is extraction of loose fat and skin tissue together.

These operations are operations, which change the body contour and which ensure that the person re-wears the clothes (tight blouses, dresses with slings, night dresses, etc.) she wants. It is one of the important steps in the correction of the body image.

How is it applied?

If there is apparent looseness and sagging at arm skin, a surgical correction is applied. If there is still an apparent tightness and flexibility in your skin and if under skin fattening stands more in the forefront (it is a problem, which is more frequently observed in our young patients), this under-the-skin fat tissue is extracted by only applying liposuction, and no sagging occurs in skin. That is to say that liposuction alone becomes sufficient.

Is too much scar left?

In surgical procedure, scars will remain at the inner part of the arm. If there is a serious sagging at a broad area, a scar may remain in a smooth line, extending from the armpit to the elbow. This scar will fade away in time and the skin color will be back. If sagging is dense at the upper section of the arm and if its amount is low, then a slight scar, which is only at armpit, will remain.

To whom is it applied restrictedly and for whom is being careful required?

It should not be applied to people, whose breast tissue and armpit lymph nodes are extracted due to cancer. Moreover, it should not be preferred at people, who has too much sweating at armpit and who has frequent infection (who has frequent armpit acne).

When can one return back to normal life after the operation?

After the operation, the patient may leave for home the next day with a soft bandage. After the second day controls, an arm corset, to be used for 3 weeks, will be worn by the patient. After the operation, keeping the arms at a height will diminish the pain and swelling. Arm exercises can be started in the second week.