What is gynecomastia?

It is excess male breast tissue. This condition leads to physical and psychic problems in young people. Among the reasons for excess breast tissue in men, generally hormonal causes (excess estrogen), some drug usages, and genetic reasons may be counted. In the majority of the cases, no certain reason can be found. Two main groups, which develop by structurally excess fat tissue or by excess breast tissue, can be mentioned.

When is it noticed the most?

Growth, mostly also in breast tissue dependent on the sudden increases in hormones, arises in adolescence period. Adolescent age gynecomastia mostly regresses automatically. In cases, where the problem continues, conditions such as refraining from swim bath, dependent on poor body image, wearing too large clothes, refraining from performing sports may arise and the young person stays away from the social life.

How can this be corrected?

Correction of gynecomastia by surgery is possible. Extraction of excess fat, breast tissue, and in some special cases, skin may be required. If breast glandular (secretory gland) tissue is excess, excess tissues may be extracted by surgery, and minor corrections may be performed by liposuction. If the volume, forming the breast, is mostly fat tissue, i.e. fatness, deformity can be corrected only by liposuction. If there is serious sagging in breast, dependent on excess breast tissue and fat tissue, in this case, the skin should be extracted. In the same operation, a more masculine appearance is brought in for the patient by also lifting the nipple upward and downsizing the breast tissue, i.e. by performing a breast downsizing operation.