Patients who has undergone FUT operation may have a scar on their neck and this situation depresses them. Patients may have huge tissue losses and scars which cannot be covered especially due to operations performed by inexperienced people and this situation is an outcome which can be regarded as a disaster for a plastic surgery patient.

And if the scar is big, it keeps the patient from cutting his or her hair. In these situations, the plastic surgery can be performed in two ways. The first one is the scar revision. In this method, the scar is cut and removed, then it is covered by stitching with a special method. At the end, the scar becomes more acceptable. In this second method, however, the scar can be covered with transplanting hair follicles that have been extracted with FUE technique.

Some of the patients mentions their previous hair transplantation has been insufficient or it has caused bad results such as scrubby hair and hedgehog appearance. This situation, which generally depresses the patients, is the growth of tufty hair in groups like a toothbrush and how notable it is. In this situation, we can perform two kinds of methods. Firstly, if the grafts are very big and hair grows in patches at 3-5-mm intervals like a brush, we use super-thin FUE punch ends to break hair patches into pieces and extract them in the form of smaller bits/grafts by minimizing them. In this way, we receive thin and more natural hair follicles like we extract grafts with FUE method from the normal hairy part. Sometimes we create follicular units which seem thin and natural by breaking thick grafts into smaller pieces on the table and we provide a more natural appearance by implementing these onto the same places later.

In the second treatment method, we camouflage the appearance by thickly transplanting single grafts that has been extracted by FUE method around the hair patches that cause this brushy appearance. In other words, we weave the around the thick patches with thin and natural hairs and almost hide them. This method can provide quite satisfying results. Insufficient and weak hair transplantation annoys people psychologically and physically. The patient regrets the money she or he has given, the result she or he has had and the time she or he has spent. In these situations, the patient can be satisfied with a second FUE hair transplantation session where experienced surgeons use maximum amounts of grafts delicately.