What are the changes observed in eyebrows in time?

As it is in other facial soft tissues and in our skin, also our eyebrows sag in time by the gravity effect, aging, and melting of soft tissues underneath. This sagging may become sometimes so that it closes the field of view and adds a tired, old, and exhausted expression to the person. This sagging, which is observed especially in outer corners of eyebrows, is felt seriously sometimes also inner and middle eyebrow regions.

What is eyebrow hanging by suture?

It is a non-invasive method, using no scalpel and with no suture skar, which is applied for the removal of the sagging at our eyebrows, that gives a tired expression to our face. In this method, eyebrows are hung by a permanent suture material from the utmost outer corner upwards to a point beyond hair line, under the skin. The suture material used cannot be seen in skin and be noticed.

How long lasts the effect of eyebrow hanging operation?

By aging, along with soft tissues in all face, sagging process also in eyebrows continues. Thus, young facial appearance, obtained by suture, cannot be protected eternally. According to external factors and to the life style of the person, this effect may continue in 2 to 5 years. Afterwards, if requested, operation may be repeated.

How is the position of eyebrows after the operation?

Normally, when we lie flat on our back, a mild lift in eyebrows and a younger expression generally in face appear since the gravity effect vanishes. So the appearance, which is requested to be obtained after the operation, is this natural appearance and a mild eyebrow lift.

Will I have difficulty after the operation?

Since the operation is performed under local anesthesia, there is no requirement for hospitalization. Patient may return home on the same day. There may be mild swelling, bruising, and pain in forehead region. These will recover automatically in 7-10 days.

When does one return back to normal life?

Patient may leave for home on the same day and may return back to normal work life after a rest of 1-2 days. A bandage, which is to be removed on 3rd day, is available at the upper section of eyebrows. After the operation for about 3 weeks, an elastic bandage (such as bandage of tennis player) should be worn in head for the purpose of fixing the new position of eyebrows.

What are the complications of the operation?

The most important complication is the asymmetry in eyebrows or not being able to perform the planned lifting. In this case, under local anesthesia, the hanging suture may be removed easily from underneath the skin, and the procedure may be repeated. Alongside these, the complications (such as infection, temporary numbness, swelling, and bruising), which may be observed in each aesthetic operation, may arise across us very rarely also in this procedure.