Sagging in the muscles of our face, looseness in skin, and decrease in its tone occur as the result of the factors such as natural aging process, sun beams, weight gain and loss, and smoking. As a result of all these, wrinkles and deep lines in our skin, and sagging in cheek tissues, and bagging dependent on descending downwards form. Thus, we call this procedure of extracting excess skin and fat and tightening muscles layers underneath, for the correction of the appearance, which makes us look old and tired, facial lift operation.

To whom is it applied?

This operation, which is applied mostly after the ages of forty, may be applied to our young patients, who have a mild sagging in their cheeks, also at earlier ages, by performing shorter cuts. In people, who have sagging in cheeks at early ages and deep lines in skin formed, if this situation disturbs them, these operations may be applied before waiting for the ages of forty. That is to say that patient’s requests are determining for the age of the operation. Especially in apparent skin creasing and sagging, which form at advanced ages, very good results are obtained.

Under which anesthesia is it applied?

In the operations, which are performed under general anesthesia, the operation is applied by performing a cut, starting in sideburn region at the front of the hair line, continuing from the front of the ear and earlobe to the back of the ear, which is appropriate for natural facial curves, and which is hidden as not to be noticed. Excess tissues are extracted by lifting the cheek skin and muscle and deep facial structures are strengthened from underneath, and re-placed to its location.

What are the complications?

After the operation, having swelling and bruising generally in the face is natural. Moreover there might be minimal discomfort and pain. For the reduction of all these, bandage to be performed after the operation, ice application, and medication will be sufficient. After facial stretch operations, there might be temporary numbness and hardening at skin. For the rapid removal of the edema, massage and endermology may be applied. After a few weeks, you will be faced with a younger and freshened face, in a status free of your wrinkles and sagging in your face. Your self-confidence will increase!