Forehead lines, which form by the movements of mimic muscles close to the end of middle ages, may be very deep, harsh, and may produce a tired, old, and unhappy facial expression in people. Forehead  lift operation contains the operation of removing this excess skin and softening of the muscles, which cause wrinkles. As a result, a happier and rejuvenated face is obtained.

Is there a change around the eye dependent on this operation?

Sagging in eyebrows, which forms as a result of aging and genetic effects, and wrinkles around the eye may be corrected as a result of this operation and a younger appearance may be ensured. However, for sagging and bagging in eyelids, a different operation will be required (blepharoplasty  operation).

Under which anesthesia and how is the operation applied?

If the forehead lift procedure is not to be applied together with other operations (such as eye lid correction, facial lift, and neck lift), local anesthesia alone and sedation are applied. Here the purpose is that the patient returns back to normal life faster. The operation contains the lifting of the skin by entering with cuts performed from a few centimeters behind the hair and with an open or closed (endoscopic) approach, its tightening, if required, the extraction of excess skin, and its placing into its new position by sutures. A smooth forehead region is obtained by sometimes extracting or sometimes cutting the muscles, which wrinkle our forehead. The outcome is permanent. By removing the lines around the eye and between two eye brows, a happier, younger, and fresher look and face are ensured.

What are its complications?

Temporary numbness and hair loss may be experienced around the cuts. Your hair will re-grow afterwards. There might be swelling in the forehead region. In the first week after the operation, one can return back to normal life. Removal of the sutures and disappearance of all visible operation scars take 2 weeks. All scars in this operation will stay hidden in hair.