Who Can Do Hair Transplantation?

In order to be successful in hair restorations, the surgeon must have an aesthetic vision, talent and experience. This operation is not a job for technicians who have been in a hair transplant center for 3-5 months.

What You Should Know About Hair Transplantation

Questions Before and After Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Free Consultation Form

You can get consultancy about your hair by filling out the Hair Transplantation Free Consultation Form.


Hair Transplantation with FUE Technique

In the FUE method, hair grafts are taken one by one with 0.8-0.9 mm punches. Generally single hair or 2-3 hair hair follicles bearing grafts are obtained. In other words, surgeon does not cut the scalp with a surgical scalpel and close this area with stitches. So, there is no long and obvious scar on the nape of the patient.

Body Hair Transplant with FUE Technique

In some cases, the number of hair follicles on scalp donor may not be enough to cover the entire bald area. In this case, after creating a natural front hairline by making the person’s own hair follicles in the first session and restoring a certain bald area, additional hair follicles can be transferred from the body (beard, chest, arms and legs) with the FUE technique in the second and third hair transplant sessions.

Where Should I have a Hair Transplant or Hair Restoration Surgery?

The surgeons who are authorized in hair transplantation are Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialists. In hair transplant interviews, always ask the person you are interviewing whether he/she is a doctor or not and what specialty he has.

Beard Transplantation

In men with a weak beard or no beard at all, hair follicles can be harvested with the FUE technique to restore the beard. In other words, the hair follicles are transferred from scalp to facial skin to restore beard area.


After the hair transplantation process is completed, the most important thing to do is to…

Depending on their duration and depth (penetration), hair dye cosmetics can be classified as bleaches,…

I encountered some statements such as the use of hand (manual) punches during hair removal…

Hair follicles adapt to the recipient  skin well 10 days after transplantation and  start  to …

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I have natural hair that has never been perceived as operated or having hair transplant before?

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  • Hair Transplantation

    Where Should I have a Hair Transplant or Hair Restoration Surgery? More →

  • Hair Loss

    Hair Loss and Hair Growth Cycle

    One should know about the hair cycle in order to understand the hair loss. Hair follicle is an anatomic structure that forms the hair and allows it to grow. More →



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