The most important characteristics of attractive lips are their being sufficiently plump, stretching out, fresh, and their having apparent curves. That is to say that the lip contour is as important as its volume. By aging, changes such as looseness, sagging, wiping out in contours, smoothing, and color fading occur in lips. Moreover, the visibility of lower teeth during smiling is dependent on the sagging of the lip and is a sign of aging. We apply these operations for removing all these signs and traces and for a sexy lip structure.

How is thickening ensured in the operation?

In the procedure of lip thickening, the purpose is not obtaining motionless lips, which appear only swollen and as extending forward like a duck beak and which have become almost a puppet lip. In this operation, both fat tissue, which is obtained from his/her own fat tissue of the person and which is called “vaccination”, and other reliable fillers (such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, calcium hydroxylapatite, poly L lactic acid) can be used. However, these procedures should be repeated at specific intervals. Our doctor will provide the required information on this subject.

Can something be done for the thin lips since birth?

In the thickening of thin lips, which are dependent on natal, i.e. genetic characteristics, lips can be thickened permanently by entering with cuts performed from the lip curve. High distance between the upper lip and the nose also affects the facial harmony both in men and women unfavorably and creates an image of long face. The permanent repair of this is also possible.
Your lips are the most important part of your youth, your beauty, and your parameters for sexual appearance in the face. Lips, which are appropriate for your facial form and structure, will always increase your attractiveness one more fold.