What is mastopexy operation?

Breasts sag and loosen in time under the conditions such as delivery, breastfeeding, gravity effect, frequent weight gain and loss. Thus, the procedure for lifting, reshaping, and tightening of these breasts, which lose their elasticity, is called mastopexy.

How is the decision taken for mastopexy operation?

This decision is taken by the surgeon according to his/her own experiences and to the quality of breast skin, to its sagginess, and to the current volume of the breast.

Is mammography required before the operation?

Before the operation, as it is in all aesthetic operations related to the breast, performance of breast examination by a mammography is suitable.

What kind of procedures is applied in the operation?

The operation lasts 2 to 4 hours. In mastopexy operations, excess skin is extracted, the nipple is moved upwards, and the breast tissue is made more projecting and tighter by re-shaping the breast tissue. If required, the nipple is reduced. For the breast to stand  more projecting and with more volume, a small silicone prosthesis may be placed under the breast during the same procedure. All these procedures are performed under general anesthesia and in a hospital.

How are the scars after the operation?

As it is in the breast reduction operation, generally inverse T incision is used also in this procedure. Besides this, this operation may be performed only by entering from the nipple or only by a vertical cut descending downward from the nipple. That is to say that, in all techniques, a slight scar remains between the dark-colored nipple edge and white-colored skin tissue. The scars will remain as red lines for a few months, later on will fade away, and will take the normal skin color.

How is the recovery period after the operation?

After the operation, there is generally no complaint of significant pain. Sportsman bras, worn for the purpose of supporting, should be worn 24 hours for 6 weeks; afterwards only at day time until the end of 6th month. These support bras and elastic bandages play an important role in the protection of the breast’s new form.

What are the complications of mastopexy operation?

As it is in breast reduction operations, also after these operations, complications such as infection, delay in wound recovery, opening at suture sites, blood inside the breast tissue (hematoma), serum (seroma) accumulation may be observed even though rarely. Alongside the swelling in the entire breast and bruising, rarely there might be a temporary numbness at the nipple. Return of the sense may take for 4 – 6 weeks. These operations have no damage on the breastfeeding function of the breast.

When does one return back to normal life after the operation?

On the day of the operation, one stands up after 6 hours. While it takes about one week to start non-tiring tasks, return to daily life tempo may take 2 weeks. Excessive arm movements and bending to the ground should be avoided for 2 weeks. Heavy sports exercises may be started after 10 – 12 weeks.

Is breast form, forming as a result of mastopexy operation, permanent?

The outcome of this procedure is permanent. However, by weight changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, and other factors, breast may re-sag and its form may deform in time.