What is prominent ear operation?

In cases where the ears at birth are big and overhanging forward, these are operations, performed for closing up the ear to head and bringing it to a more plane status, and/or bringing out missing ear curves more.

When and where should prominent ear operation be performed?

Since the major part of ear development is completed by four years of age, these operations may be performed as of 4 years of age. Correcting child’s psychology before the social life at school by especially performing it before school age is important. While the operation is performed in small children under general anesthesia, it is performed in adults and in children close to adolescence age under local anesthesia and in surgery rooms.

How is the operation applied?

In operation, after ear cartilages are reached, these structures are rasped and/or are shaped a bit by extracting and ear is brought to a more plane status by increasing the curve of the ear with permanent sutures. These procedures may be applied by cuts to be performed from the front or back face of the ear. However, since complications such as bleeding, numbness may be more at cuts performed on the back surface of the ear, cuts performed at the front side of the ear are more advantageous. Since the cut performed at front side is hidden inside the ear curve, it is very difficult to notice the scar.

What are the issues to look out for after the operation?

After the operation, ears will be wrapped by a bandage, and at the end of one week this bandage will be taken out. Sutures are removed on 7th day. Pain is minimal after the operation. After a rest of few days, one can return back to normal life. After bandage is opened, for the form, provided to ear, not to deform at recovery stage, the usage of an elastic bandage is recommended for at least a period of 3 weeks.

What are the complications of sticking out ear operation?

Among possible complications, infection, swollen recovering tissue visible at ear skin (hypertrophic scar), hematoma under skin (blood clot accumulation), and re-deformation at ear may be counted. In formation of infection and clot, cleaning of the region and aggressive antibiotics therapy may be required rarely by the help of an injector.