Some of the patients apply for this as they feel very uncomfortable with their previous hair transplantations. Insufficient and weak hair transplantations make people psychologically and physically uncomfortable. Very little or no hair growth months after the hair transplantation is almost a nightmare for a patient. The patient cannot decide on whether they should feel sorry for the money spent, result or time. Under such circumstances, it is possible to increase the number and intensity of hair, and therefore, to satisfy the patient with a second FUE hair transplant session performed by experienced surgeons with care and maximum number of grafts.

In cases where the intensity is insufficient, where there are bad results such as grass-head or brushy looks and that create discomfort, the hair grows in mass and with gaps, looking like a toothbrush, and it looks very obvious. In order to fix this, we can perform two types of techniques. First, if the grafts are too big and the hairs are growing in mass with 3-4 mm gaps like a brush, then we enter this site with very fine FUE punch tips, and harvest smaller pieces/grafts by crumbling the hair masses. In this way, we acquire thinner and more natural hair follicles as if harvesting grafts from the normal scalp with FUE method.  Sometimes, we create follicular unites that look thin and natural by breaking the thick grafts harvested into smaller pieces on the table, and then provide a more natural look by implanting them in the same site.

In the second repair technique, we mask the look by implanting the single grafts harvested by FUE technique in a very frequent way around the hair masses that creates this brushy look. In other words, we weave the surroundings of thick masses with thin and natural hair, and we almost hide them. With this method, very satisfying results may be received.