Sagging may occur at inner sections of the leg, due to reasons such as frequent weight gain and loss, gravity, aging, liposuction procedures, which are performed to inner sections of the legs, whose tightness is low and fat accumulation is high. Procedures for extracting this excessive skin and fat layer and correcting leg inner contour are called thigh lift operation.

If there is excessive fattening accompanying the sagginess at leg inner sections, aggressive liposuction applications in these cases may also increase the sagging. As it is in each operation, also in thigh lift operations, in the interview between the patient and the surgeon, putting forth correctly the patient’s expectation is important.

How is the operation performed?

Thigh lift is a procedure, performed under general anesthesia and in the surgery room. After an operation, lasting for average 3-3.5 hours, the patient can be discharged from the hospital the next day. In this operation, excessive saggy skin and fat tissues are extracted by the cut, performed to leg inner section. The inner section of the leg is pulled upwards, and a smooth and tight inner leg is obtained.

Which issues should one be careful about after the operation?

2 days after the operation the patient may bath. At first days, a pink colored outflow at wound site is normal. After the dressings are renewed on the third day and the scar is controlled, the patient can return back to normal daily tasks in 2nd week. She can start ascending stairs. At first days, activities, which apply pressure to wound site, should be avoided. Strenuous exercise and every kind of activity are permitted after 6th week.

How are the scars after the operation?

The cut, performed for the operation, starts at the front from the groin line and extends to the back towards the butt. After the first 2 weeks, this red colored line turns into skin color slowly and fades away. The scar is not seen from outside since it will remain in underpants. The scar will take its final form in 12-18 months.

What are the complications?

Our patients are proposed to quit smoking at least 3 weeks before for the non-formation of unsolicited conditions such as nourishment disorder at wound site, opening, infection, which we face especially in smoking cases. Thigh lift operations are operations with permanent outcome, such as other lift operations (facial, arm, abdominal lift etc.).

Does inner leg recover only by liposuction?

In patients, who have a tight skin, whose muscle tissue is sufficient, and who are active, in cases of mild fattening, reaching an outcome by liposuction is possible. Moreover, in fatty cases with too much cellulite, lift procedure can be applied after liposuction for increasing the surface of the skin and for extracting more excessive skin. Thus, sagging may be made more apparent by emptying the under section of the fatty skin, and a more effective outcome may be obtained.