The unshaven hair transplantation is a restoration operation that is preferred by especially the patients who want to go back to their social lives within 2-3 days and do not spend a 2-weeks period for recovery after the operation.  In this method, hair bulbs are taken one by one from certain and small areas in the scalp in a way that it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The most significant restraint of this technique is that the number of grafts that can be taken is limited to 1000-1500 grafts.  This is why it is the most important that the openings of the patients demanding this technique are not so big and they have Norwood type 1-2 opening.

However, with unshaven hair transplantation, it is possible to perform the procedure in a couple of sessions and cover larger grounds without taking the patients away from their social lives.  It is important that the patient keeps their hair long before the operation in terms of not revealing the shave applied on tiny areas in the scalp.