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After the hair transplantation process is completed, the most important thing to do is to protect the hair transplant recipient area from possible impacts for the first 10-15 days and to prevent damage to the hair follicles.

While sleeping in the bed, your hair follicles should not touch the head of the bed, the quilt or the pillow and should not be damaged. You can also lie on your back/nape where the hair follicle is taken that is the donor  area. For the first few days, it will be even better if you sleep on an armchair in  sitting  position with a simple inflatable pillow to fill your neck. Lying on stomach is not recommended for two weeks as it increases the risk of the edema of face and trauma  to transplanted area by contact with the pillow etc.

During the first 10 days, it should be preferred to wear open-fronted clothes (such as shirts, cardigans, zippered sweaters) and narrow-collared clothes such as t-shirts, turtleneck sweaters, and singlets should not be worn around the head. While these clothes are being put on and taken off, they can rub off the  transplant  area and may  cause  pop up  of the  grafts .

In the house, you can hit your head with appliances and devices such as wall-hung combi boilers,  water heaters, wall lamps, so be careful. Pay attention to open doors, windows, sofas, armchairs while bending down and picking something up from floor. Especially when getting in and out of the car and in public transport, there is a high probability of hitting your head and you need to take maximum care.

Bath, sauna, swimming, solarium and all kinds of hairdressing services should be suspended for two weeks; those  hair care procedures and environments can damage the hair follicles. But light  walking can be done immediately after the operation, even beneficial. Fitness and gym halls can be started even after 10 days.

If you are doing such sports that would have possibility of impaction to your head (such as football, basketball, taekwondo, kick box, boxing, wrestling), you should start these activities 45 days after hair transplant surgery.

10 days after hair transplantation, the hair of donor area can be cut with scissors and  styled. After 45 days, all kinds of hairdressing services can be obtained. (hair dyeing, short shaving of the whole head with a machine, perm, etc.).

It is very important not to smoke at least 2 weeks after the operation. This is because smoking reduces tissue nutrition by reducing blood flow in blood vessels. It will be better not to drink alcohol for the first 3 days after and  1  day before the operation. We recommend drinking plenty of water after the hair transplantation.

First two days, the hair transplant area should not be washed and water should not be touched. The first wash can be done on the 2nd day, 48 hours after the hair transplantation. Here, the most important thing is to be gentle so as not to damage the hair follicles during washing .

Washing should be done with shampoo and warm water, with only the fingertips touching, pating from back to front, as if massaging slowly. It is important to rinse with plenty of water to  clean  the  shampoo. After finish  the washing, the towel can only be used by light touch, and it is recommended to dry the hair transplant area well with a hair dryer for the first 10 days.

It may take between 2.5-4 months for your hair to start growing after the hair transplant operation. During and after this period, we  recommend the use of serums containing procapil and minoxidil active ingredients to make your hair grow faster and stronger by triggering the  hair growth cycle after hair transplantation.

Post-operative intake of certain nutrients will support hair growth such as saw palmetto, nettle extract, green tea extract, B vitamins, zinc, iron, Biotin, folic acid, pumpkin seed  oil, selenium etc.

It is very beneficial to provide PRP treatment for the hair transplant area in and after the operation, with an interval of 3 weeks. İt helps to enhance hair graft taking capacity of your skin by the help of thrombocyte released growth factors (epithelial and keratinocyte growth factors). İt triggers vascularization of transplantation area and fasten the healing process. İt also stimulates weak and miniaturized hair follicles that exist between native hair to become thick, strong terminal hair shaft.


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