In our country, the surgeons who are authorized on hair transplant are Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialists. In your meetings regarding a hair transplant, you should definitely ask the person you speak whether they are a doctor and which specialty they have. Do not believe the ones who introduce themselves as “Hair transplantation expert” because most of them may be the ones who are anesthesia technicians, nurses, midwifes, healthcare officers or even people that are not affiliated with medicine, who have not even graduated from a medicine school. Get information from your surgeon and see their diploma. Trust not their words but their diplomas certified by the Ministry of Health. Hair transplantation is made look like a simple task in the eyes of the society. As a matter of fact, the hair transplantation is an important and irreversible cosmetic surgery that requires a teamwork of an experienced team of the best hair transplant surgeons. The surgery should be taken seriously, and one should talk to the people who had hair transplantation surgery, doctors and healthcare personnel and they should be asked for references if necessary.

Separate planning for each patient
Each individual is the only one of their kind; so the type of hair loss is. There should be a planning that is specific to each patient by considering their types of hair loss, ages and hair quality. It is impossible to apply the same treatment for each patient. Most importantly, the possible results with examples should be displayed to the patient, and what kind of a result can be achieved depending on the number and quality of hairs should be properly explained. As a matter of fact, it is necessary for the plastic surgeon that they gain experience by closely seeing many patients, and properly determine which treatment should be applied. FUE hair transplant in some patients, and medicine treatment and/or PRP, mesotherapy in some patients may be preferred. For this, the patient should be examined by an experienced plastic surgeon or dermatologist, and hair analyses and blood analyses should be performed if necessary.

Maximum number of hairs/grafts and a natural look
With FUT technique, we can maximize the number of grafts by taking a scalp flap as large as possible. For this, it is very important to choose a very experienced plastic surgeon.  Because, after this sort of surgical attempts in the hands of an inexperienced doctor or even someone who is not a doctor, unfortunately, there may occur irreversible tissue losses and hair losses in donor sites.

What’s important in the FUE technique is to reach the maximum number of grafts by working together with an experienced team, and accordingly, to accomplish natural results. The same experienced team working on all cases together is important in terms of receiving good results and avoiding surprises in each case. A good hair transplant requires a transplantation that looks natural, is worked intensively as in 30-50 grafts per square centimeter, and is suitable for the natural direction of the hair growth.