Hair mesotherapy that is applied at many centers where hair transplantation operations are performed is a form of therapy that is performed with very fine and special needles in the middle and deep areas of the scalp in order for the hairs to recover, strengthen and thicken, and to get voluminous and sleek. The liquid injected in the skin by needles is a mix of amino acid, oligoelement, blow circulation enhancer, minerals and vitamins, and has a doping effects and stimulates the metabolism. It is a form of therapy that is painless and free of side effects and that is based on the supplementation of the substances required to be in the body.

There is no standard formula for the solutions that are used in mesotherapy. The solutions prepared delicately may result in different responses in each patients according to the experiences of the operator surgeon or doctor. Moreover, we cannot say for sure that any mesotherapy solution prepared at any center would give a good result. In order to achieve a better result from the solutions prepared, some substances may be added to or reduced from the solution, or their ratio may be changed.

With mesotherapy, the blood circulation of the scalp recovers and the nourishment of hair bulbs increase. Hair losses largely decrease or completely stop, the hair thinned gets thick, sleek and lively. With hair mesotherapy, it is possible to regrow the hair that was lost and became completely naked due to genetic causes, in other words, to regrow hair in a hairless area.

Hair mesotherapy can be performed on almost everyone but it is dangerous for pregnant women. After the therapy that lasts approximately 10 minutes, the patient may turn to the normal life. There occur no rashes or bruises. Especially the patient group that were determined to be benefited from the mesotherapy are of the patients whose hair has just started to shed and got thin, and has problem in growing, in other words, whose hair is in the anagen phase and miniaturization has started in their hair bulbs. A rapid recovery and increase in growth of the hair of these people can be achieved with mesotherapy.

There is no certain standard in mesotherapy applications and it is only related to the experience level of the operator doctor. As well as the session intervals might be once in a week or month, the number of sessions might change between 5 and 15. For the male and female patients whose hairs are lost due to genetic reasons, usually 10 sessions of hair mesotherapy are advised. If the cause for the hair loss is genetic, it is advised to perform a supportive therapy as 2-3 times a year or 2-3 sessions every 3-4 months as it is impossible to eliminate these causes completely.

In the hair loss cases seen in women that are related to diseases, stress, postnatal period, seasonal changes and poor nutrition, the hairs recover after an application of 10 sessions. Unless the circumstances causing the hair loss do not repeat (anemia, thyroid diseases, zinc deficiency, hair pulling disorder etc.), another mesotherapy session is not necessary.